Thank you for your interest. Due to my recently expanded family, Happy Plate is currently on an indefinite hiatus. At present, I am not aware of another local chef who offers the same service, *BUT* there is a delivery service called Freshly that offers healthy, fully prepared meals at your door. Read on for details...

Freshly offers chef-prepared, all-natural, gourmet meals delivered to customers' doorsteps through a weekly subscription model. Healthy means that the menu is designed using whole, natural ingredients - every meal is packed with high-quality proteins, heart-healthy fats, and nutrient- dense carbohydrates. Freshly meals will NEVER contain gluten, refined sugars, or artificial additives. Meals arrive fresh, never frozen, and are ready to eat within 3 minutes.

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Eat right every night…at homemmm. veggies.

Everyone wants to eat healthier and take better care of themselves. Somehow even with the best intentions, convenience always seems to win out over well-being. It's difficult to keep up with your nutritional goals when you're habitually eating out of a box, ordering takeout, and dining out 3-4 nights a week.

Happy Plate to the rescue! Cef Meredith will take care of everything... menu planning, grocery shopping, gourmet cooking, storage and cleanup. So you and your family can eat right every night and not have to lift a finger.

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