service plans

Happy Plate Personal Chef Service can be retained on a weekly, semimonthly, or monthly basis. On your cook date, I will come to the house and prepare all of the dinner meals for the week (or however long you need them to last) and package them with heating instructions so you can enjoy them at your convenience.

Meals can be packaged individually or family-style, depending on your preference. I do all the planning, shopping, cooking, and cleanup... and it is all included in my fee.

My pricing is based on a flat fee, plus the cost of groceries. My fee is the same whether you want lobster or chicken…only the food cost will vary. All plans are custom designed for your needs. A custom price quote will be prepared for you at the conclusion of the consultation.

Weekly, Semimonthly and Monthly Service SAMPLE PLANS

15 servings 3 X 5 (3 servings of 5 entrees/sides) =$235 + groceries
20 servings 4 X 5 (4 servings of 5 entrees/sides) =$255 + groceries
25 servings 5 X 5 (5 servings of 5 entrees/sides) =$270 + groceries


Which plan should I choose?

A couple that needs support 2-3 times per week will need a 4 X 5 on a monthly basis.
A family of 4 that needs M-F support can get a 4 X 5 on a weekly basis.
A family of 5 that needs support 2-3 times per week can get a 5 X 5 on a semimonthly basis.

What if I need support 3 times a day, 7 days a week?

I can design a special pricing structure for you. Call me and we'll discuss the details.

What if I just need the service on an occasional basis?

Occasional clients can be accommodated based on my schedule availability. Priority is given to regular clients.

Contact Happy Plate today to discuss your personalized service plan.